The Vampire Condition

The dictionary defines a vampire as, “A ghost or reanimated corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people, often represented as a human figure with long pointed canine teeth. A person who preys ruthlessly on others.”

Vampires belong to the ‘UNDEAD WORLD’, they exist in a state that is neither alive or dead. They are inconstant conflict to defeat their death by feeding off the life blood of living things. The life within living blood is what allows them to exist and without it they would not be able to continue.

Vampires therefore must find victims to feed from. Most commonly, feeding is in the form of a bite to the neck, the jugular vein. The bite does not have to be fatal for the victim if a vampire takes just enough to satisfy their hunger without draining the body. Leaving a trail of dead bodies tends to draw attention and vampires prefer to keep us humans in the dark to the truth of their existence. Finding a human host to feed on that they can revisit again and again without complication makes life easier for the vampire.

The vampire bite can leave the human host weak, dizzy, and confused as would the loss of blood in any case. But more dangerous is the fact that if bite the host runs the risk of the contamination of their system and becoming a vampire also.

Signs of vampirism are as follows:

1. Two small bit marks on the neck, wrists, ankles or other parts. Marks would be approximately one and half inches apart.
2. Sunlight hurts your eyes and skin.
3. Sleepy during the day.
4. Nighttime vision is much improved.
5. No reflection in a mirror.
6. Pointed canine teeth.
7. Craving for very rare or raw meat.
8. Dislike for anything made with garlic.
9. Hearing inhumanly improved.
10. Pale skin.

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