Play doh Stop Motion Monsters

Transylvania Hotel is one of my favorite animated films ever…just makes you smile from the inside out.
This is a cute stop motion FRANKENSTEIN & DRACULA done in Play Doh!

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Dracula vs Batman

Oh yes….let’s see who wins!

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Must read article about Geek Conventions!

Love this article by Lauren Hall-Stigerts called “17 Geek Conventions You Must Attend Before You Die“. All of them are being hosted in the US, darn, but still very awesome and the photo of the DragonCon she posted…..That is awesome!

I’d like to see a monster mash photo like that!



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Cosplay Events

Check out the Cosplay Calendar event calendar! It’s a great place to find events going on all over the world that you can attend and dress up like one of your favorite characters! I have my drac teeth all shined up. Do think they have an Monster one?



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