As I was looking through Amazon today I discovered something really fun! There are several free of in expensive Dracula Game Apps you can download from Amazon…..who knew? For example “Dracula Quest: run for blood!”
Here are some details of the game story and play:
“The Dark Lord Dracula woke up and he is completely famished! Take control of the most famous vampire of all time, satisfy your thirst of blood and test your reflexes in this exhilarating platform game. Dracula Quest is an amusing game for the whole family! Only recommended for… everyone! CHARACTERISTICS -100 levels -300 stars to collect -Best score -Touch the screen to jump or crouch. HOW TO PLAY? Being a lone creature of the night is not really easy, even less when you have to spend every one of these nights to run from roof to roof to find a young lady to bite . However this is what you will have to do if you want to survive, and all that while avoiding enemies and obstacles that will cross your path.
This app requires an Internet connection, and the developer can change the content of the app at any time.”

I am going to try this one for sure!

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