Book 12 in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Series

First off I need to say that I really love this series and am so glad Charlaine Harris has continued to write her Sookie Stackhouse books even through the TV series has taken off. I am about half way through this last one and can’t wait for what might be in store for the next book!
But I am disappointed in the direction the TV series has headed and it is not at all as good as the books, in this case the books are better. I liked the TV series at first but it just went off in weird directions, changed the characters and focused so much more on the pornographic filming than the supernatural characters and the story that makes these books so fantastic. The love story is better and the characters just have more meat to them in the books. In the TV series what makes me continue to watch are a few really funny and talented characters such as Lafayette, Pam and Eric Northman who have created unique characters from Charlaine’s stories. So, I guess if you don’t look at the TV series as being a representation of the books and just take them as an entity of their own then both can be enjoyed. It’s hard through for us readers who love the books first to see how off the mark the TV series has gone from the story. Both are worthy to have in your vampire collection just don’t expect it to match up.
Author: Charlaine Harris
Release Date: May 1, 2012

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